NMASBRO Scholarship

NMASBO awards eight $1,500 scholarships (a minimum of one from each region) to deserving New Mexico high school seniors across the state every year. All the regional applicants must demonstrate to the committee the financial need and purpose for the scholarship.

In 2023, the Scholarship Committee will select two applicants from the scholarship pool to receive the 13th Annual Joni Heinsohn Memorial Scholarship and Inaugural Joey Montaño Memorial Scholarship for $2,500. This applicant must meet the same criteria in the guidelines and application. The applicant who demonstrates to the committee the most need and purpose for the memorial scholarship will be selected.

The NMASBO Board established an Annual Memorial Scholarship in Joni Heinsohn’s name. Our success as an association would have never been achieved without her contributions and hard work. The annual recipient of this scholarship shall be a reflection of Joni’s overall commitment to always achieving excellence in everything she did.

In 2023 the NMASBO Board established an Annual Memorial Scholarship in Joey Montaño's name. Joey served the Association as executive Director from 2003 to 2018, and his influence, dedication, and work ethic built NMASBO into the organization we now enjoy. When Joey came into NMASBO, we were an organization where the president and board tried to do everything to make the organization work. We struggled to exist, and growth wasn’t happening. The president and board members did their best, but each had a full-time job as a School Business Officer. Joey was amazing, and he used his creativity, resourcefulness, and connections (he knew everyone) to craft the successful organization we now have.

Please go to the NMASBO website to complete applications. DEADLINE to apply is March 1.