Carlsbad Early College High School

Greetings form the Carlsbad Early College High School.

As part of our academic calendar the Early College has started testing its Safe Schools Protocols. These protocols are intended to make sure that our students, teachers, and staff are aware and prepared for any emergency that may occur during the year. Over the past two week we have successfully practiced our fire drills and will now start our drills for “Shelter in place” and “Lockdown”.

This Friday at 8:30 the Early College High School in conjunction with the Southeast New Mexico College will implement a test run of our lockdown procedures and protocols. We will be working closely with the Carlsbad police department and through this test run we will evaluate our policies and procedures.

If you see, hear, or are told that there is a large police presence on campus, please be aware that this is just an exercise to evaluate our systems and not an actual emergency.

Thank you for your understanding.

Mr. Gregory van Goidtsnoven