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Members of the Community, 

Thank you for your support of Carlsbad Municipal Schools' Bond. We recognize that this is an expression of trust and that we have an obligation to deliver the projects that we have proposed, on time and on budget. The District would especially like to thank the members of the Committee 4 Carlsbad Kids who worked tirelessly in support of the bond. We will immediately begin the process of finalizing plans for the first phase projects: kindergarten and cafeteria additions at Desert Willow and Ocotillo, the remodel and renovation of Riverside Elementary, and construction of the new auditorium and multi-sport locker room facility at the high school. 

To monitor our progress on these projects we will be convening the Bond Oversight Committee in the very near future. You can look forward to their reports on our progress on a quarterly basis, with the first report anticipated in January of 2020. Part of this process will be a website for each project that allows the public to see how the project is proceeding. We look forward to sharing our progress. 

As we begin to improve our facilities, we also will begin the process of finalizing our Strategic Plan. We will be recruiting community members to serve as community educational advisors as a part of that process. We will be examining our academic performance, efforts to recruit and retain staff, the expansion of mental/behavioral health supports in our schools, how to positively engage parents in our schools, and expansion of partnerships with community partners to place our students solidly on the path to graduation and career and college success. While we have many challenges, we have a great opportunity to build an educational program second to none, if we can all dedicate ourselves to student success. 

Dr. Roberto Mondragon always told his doctoral students, "As the school goes, so goes the town." Healthy schools yield healthy communities. Schools that are looking after the well-being of all learners are looking after the well-being of the larger community as well. In a community where change is a constant, our commitment to doing what is best for students will insure that our community remains healthy and vibrant. We look forward to this exciting and transformative work. Thank you again for your support and trust. We look forward to earning and maintaining your support and trust. 


Gerry C. Washburn, Superintendent