Student Health & Wellness


Mental health disorders are real and more common than most think.  Some people will experience a mental health disorder due to situational circumstances while others may have a genetic predisposition to a certain illness.  Mental illness is not something to be afraid of as these types of illness are treatable. With proper care, a person experiencing a mental illness can live a very satisfying and fulfilling life.

If you think that you and/or someone you know is struggling with a mental illness, there is help!  Our community, although a rural community,  has wonderful mental health providers.  These professionals are trained and equipped to assist with the treatment and care needed to ensure the ongoing safety and well being of the person in need.


Here is a list of a few of our local mental health providers:

1.  Presbyterian Medical Services - Behavioral Health - 914 N. Canal St.,      Carlsbad, NM (575) 885-4836

2.  Golden Services Counseling Associates - 800 W. Pierce St., Carlsbad, NM (575) 234-3335

3.   Mindful Journeys, LLC - 411 N. Canyon St., Carlsbad, NM (575) 361-5185

4.   AGH Behavioral Health - 1101 W. Pierce St., Carlsbad, NM (575) 725-5562

Should you or someone you know need help accessing the above mentioned providers, contact CECHS's Guidance Department for assistance.


If you or someone you know is experiencing a crisis, please see the attached link for a list of valuable 24/7 hotlines:

Carlsbad Municipal Schools cares greatly for the safety of our students.  If you are needing support or guidance regarding issues of bullying or other social issues, please access the Anonymous Alerts reporting system by clicking on the link below:

Always remember, when in a situation that poses an immediate danger to oneself or another person you should call 911.  

CECHS Guidance Department is available to assist with assessing student needs and safety and can assist students and/or parents in accessing necessary resources to best support the situation or circumstance being experienced.


Time management is a common problem for any student.  Students now-a-days are faced with many responsibilities that extend passed that of the school day.  Many students are involved in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, clubs, organizations, and community groups.  Many students now serve as caregivers for younger siblings or family members, and many work while attending school.  All of these responsibilities inevitably lead to difficulty with time management.  

Do not fret...there is help!  It takes practice and a lot of trial and error to establish a plan of action that works smoothly and allows for you to feel successful in juggling all of life's many responsibilities.

Below are some links that may help with this topic...

If you do not find a strategy that works for you in these links, stop by for a visit!  Let us help you develop a strategy that does work for you!  Remember that your teachers, counselors, and principals were once students too...we all had to learn the valuable skill of time management and are more than happy to visit with you about some ideas!

Time management doesn't come without good organizational skills. Below are some links with some creative ideas for improving organization skills:[]=student%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=planner%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=idea%7Ctyped